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 John 3:16

Are you a homeowner going through a difficult time?

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Foreclosure Survivor

My name is Roger Martinez and in 2008 I was facing Foreclosure and had to figure out what to do to keep my house. For more than a year I was under a lot of stress that led me to have a panic attack. It was a horrible experience.

I became very irritated and distant, because I couldn't sleep. The letters and phone calls kept coming. The bank only cared about money, nothing else. It didn't matter that I'm a good person and that I had a good job, or that I had never missed a payment until now.

It was a long 18 months and in the end I sold my house via a short sale, the bank won. If that wasn't enough I still had to file for bankruptcy because I had taken out a HELOC against the house and that money wasn't accounted for in the Short Sale. So after I fought and suffered for over a year and half I still lost the house, my money, my credit rating, and almost my wife.

Most people even Real Estate Agents don't understand what it feels like to be a homeowner dealing with a such a stressful situation. Dealing with the Bank, a Collection agency, Lawyers, Stressed out wife, etc.

It was one of the worst times in my life. 

A few years after selling my house and dealing with the bankruptcy I decided that I would help other homeowners, deal with difficult situations. If you are currently undergoing some type of situation that is driving you crazy I want you to know that you are not alone. If you would like to speak with someone that knows how you feel and can help please give me a call. 


During the time that I was fighting with the bank I tried everything I could to get out of foreclosure. I went to several banks to see if I could refinance my mortgage and they all basically said GO AWAY. 

Every single month that went by the surcharges and fees started adding up and in just a few months I was to far behind. Whenever I called the bank they simply always said there's nothing we can do. They never give you a phone number to someone that can actually help, everything is compartmentalized so that you never get anyone useful. It's almost like they want to foreclose. 

When I reached out to lawyers they pretty much said they couldn't do anything either. 
The Banks have too much power and have no interest helping you. Yet when they get into trouble they run to the government for a bailout, but won't help hard working people?!

Being a homeowner is not easy, there is always something to deal with. Regardless of how well you care for your house something will break, something will eventually leak. Even if your house is in great condition and you own it FREE and Clear you still have TAXES...

I know I'm just complaining now, but it just makes me angry. Thinking of what we homeowners have to deal with. Yes, I do own. After the Foreclosure and Bankruptcy I had to fight to fix my credit and rebuild my savings but I did it. Although I didn't buy another house, I purchased a coop apartment so that I wouldn't have to deal with the maintenance.

So if YOU are concerned that whatever your situation, you won't be able to buy again don't worry. There is a strong possibility that if we work together you will be able to buy another house. One of the most important things to do is act as soon as possible. The longer you wait the worst it becomes. My situation would have been much easier if had sold the house sooner than later. By the time I sold my house there was 18 months of missed mortgage payments, and 18 months of negative reporting to the credit bureaus. So my debt increased and my credit rating tanked, therefore time is of the essence. Let's not forget the mental stress that you have endure. 

Here is the thing you have more power than you know. You are still in control of the property, therefore you have choices. Most of the time it comes down to selling the property but that is much better than losing it to foreclosure or a tax auction. There have been many homeowners that get so bent out of shape that they say: well they're going to have to take it from me. That's exactly what happens, and the bank gets their money and not once does anyone at the bank lose a single night sleep over you losing your house.  

Unfortunately many homeowners don't take the time to discover what options they have. They allow their emotions to take control and instead of working toward an effective solution they freeze or worst follow really bad advice. 

If we work together there is a good chance that we can come up with a satisfactory solution to your problem. Again regardless of your situation whether you are in financial distress or the property is in distress, or you have some type of family inheritance or worst, we can come up with a solution to your problem. To find out what we can accomplish together please give me a call. YOU owe it to yourself to discover what you can do.


Listen to what this former homeowner has to say

When I finally sold my house I felt the weight of the world come off my shoulders. I could breathe again, and not worry about bank notices, phone calls, heating oil, nothing I WAS FREE! That is where we need to get YOU too.  Whenever you are ready give me a call and we can get started on putting together a solution specifically for you.